Student of the week: Sean McMullen

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Sean McMullen
Sean McMullen


School subject: Math

Extracurricular activity: Playing the drums

Hobbies: Video games, drumming, playing guitar, going to church events.

Car: Ford Shelby GT500

Store: Guitar Center

Movie: Toy Story

TV show: Sportscenter


Cafeteria food must-have: Salad

Last book read that wasn’t required: Bible, Hugo Cabret

Pet peeve: People stopping in the middle of the hallway.

Person most admired: My dad

Person I’d like to meet: Tom Scholz (from Boston)

Items always in my locker: Notebook

First job: Caddying at Sylvania Country Club

Top accomplishment: Exempting all exams last semester.


After-graduation plans: Go to college at Ohio State University, major in dentistry and minor in business.

Career goal: Graduate from college with a DDS and/or an MD degree.

Quote from teacher: “Sean’s hard driving inquisitive nature and perseverance are wonderfully balanced by his friendly smile and easy going demeanor,” said Wendy Wilson, teacher. Latin teacher, Margaret Passuello, describes Sean as “always cooperative and respectful. Any teacher would be lucky to have an entire classroom of students like Sean.”

— Information is compiled for The Blade by the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.