Monroe High School wins honors for healthful eating


Monroe High School captured second place in the national Healthy High School Challenge healthful eating contest, winning a $2,000 prize for its student council.

The contest was administered locally by food service provider Sodexo Inc. The goal was to get students to think about eating healthful foods.

In October, students across the country earned points each time they bought healthful lunches, snacks, and drinks.

A lunch was considered healthful if it offered the five U.S. Department of Agriculture health components: grains, vegetables, protein, fruit, and milk. A student had to select three when buying a lunch to qualify for the contest.

In other high school news, seniors Keeyana Thomas, Lauren Hutson, Austin Caudill, and Violet Simpson appear in a statewide arts public service announcement, “I Am Arts Education.”

They are the first of 20 Monroe High School students interviewed for videos as part of the campaign. The final interviews were completed last week. The interviews, posted on the Michigan Youth Arts Web site, concern the value of art in education.