Student of the week: Coral Li

Southview High School

Coral Li
Coral Li


School subjects: Biology and chemistry

Extracurricular activities: Tennis, Dance for a Chance

Hobbies: Playing violin, swimming, drawing, and baking

Stores: Target and Kohl’s

Musical artist: Leona Lewis

Movies: How to Train Your Dragon and Secretariat

TV show: Untold Stories of the E.R.


Person most admired: Everyone -- each person has overcome obstacles and has his or her own strengths.

Person I’d like to meet: Emma Watson

Items always in my locker: Fabric bandages and antiseptic alcohol wipes.

Top accomplishment: Learning how to adjust to change


After-graduation plans: I plan to attend college and continue to learn something everyday.

Career goal: Someday, I hope to become a physician. I want to have the capability and opportunity to heal, to care for, and to protect others in need.

Quote from teacher: “In addition to being an excellent student, Coral is a young women of compassion and character,” said Kathy Weber-Moldawsky, school counselor. “She is an exemplary role model for her peers. She is a combination of academic excellence, commitment to others, and personal fortitude, who will no doubt make a significant contribution to society.”

— Information is compiled for The Blade by the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West.