Sylvania Schools to receive more state funding, but amount unclear


 Sylvania Schools is slated to receive an increase in state funding, but until Ohio's proposed two-year budget is locked in, the amount remains in question.

With the state budget not yet approved, school district treasurer Laura Sauber indicated that the amount could change, and not in the school's favor.


Because the budget is in the process of being approved by the state, Ms. Sauber could not indicate by how much the funds could be decreased. 

Ms. Sauber updated the Sylvania school board at its Monday night's meeting on the key items of the proposed budget rolled out by  Gov. John Kasich. The district is slated to receive an increase of $1.9 million in state funds above last year's amount of $11,020,772. 

The treasurer said at the meeting that the state funding increase figure might not be accurate anymore, "so I will work on getting clarification."

Superintendent Brad Rieger, who   attended the governor's presentation of the new school funding plan in January, said he was dismayed that the figure could decrease.

"I left there thinking that we would not get less money," he said.

Ms. Sauber and Mr. Rieger both commented that the budget process is long, and that the school's administration is analyzing the language surrounding the figures. They are keeping in mind that the House, Senate, and governor will  review and make changes to the proposed budget before it is approved in June.

The school district's annual operating budget is about $80 million.