Teacher of the month: Larry Nocella

Monroe High School

Larry Nocella
Larry Nocella

Mr. Nocella is a passionate and progressive educator. He is committed to his own professional growth so that he may provide the best educational environment for his students. His classroom is warm, welcoming, and student-centered. He engages his students in meaningful conversations and helps them apply their learning to their real life experiences.

In addition to engaging PLC work-Motivational Methods in the classroom and PLC work on Algebra content, Mr. Nocella is the varsity boys and girls soccer coach at Jefferson High School and freshman girls basketball coach at Monroe High School, and a member of the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

"I love observing Mr. Nocella teach," said Val Orr, Principal. "He inspires me to want to return to the classroom. His students respond so well under his direction and he is skilled in his craft. I am looking forward to working with this progressive educator. His students are in good hands."

Mr. Nocella holds a BA from Concordia College and Saginaw State University, and a Master's degree in mathematics from Western Governor's University.

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