TPS board expected to select new leadership

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    The Toledo Board of Education is expected to select a new president and vice president at its organizational meeting at 5 p.m. today.

    Vice President Cecelia Adams appears likely to move up to board president, replacing Brenda Hill, who chose not to run for re-election.

    Bob Vasquez, who was re-elec-ted in November and previously has served as president, will likely be named vice president.

    Mr. Vasquez said he's interested in either the president or vice president position, although when asked by a reporter Tuesday, most board members appeared set to vote for Ms. Adams for the top spot.

    “I think that I'm ready, and I can certainly feel comfortable leading the board if that's what they so desired,” Ms. Adams said.

    Board members said there's been little jockeying behind the scenes for leadership positions, as only Ms. Adams and Mr. Vasquez have expressed interest in the roles.

    “I'm really looking forward to the board jelling together and then looking together to another good year,” Mr. Vasquez said.

    Board member Lisa Sobecki said the vice president traditionally succeeds the president. Ms. Sobecki served as president after a stint as Mr. Vasquez's vice president, and Ms. Hill served in the number 2 spot under Ms. Sobecki before leading the board.

    All five board members said Tuesday they either planned to vote for Ms. Adams or said they believed her selection would be a good choice.

    Ms. Adams, a former administrator for Toledo Public Schools, won an uncontested election in 2011 for her board seat. She replaced Jack Ford on the board.

    Mr. Vasquez was the lone incumbent to run for re-election to the board.

    The board's other two new members — Chris Varwig and Polly Taylor-Gerken, who were elected in November — are to be sworn in at the meeting.

    Ms. Taylor-Gerken is a retired TPS employee who had previously ran unsuccessfully twice for city council.

    Ms. Varwig is a longtime TPS volunteer and parent advocate, and is a political newcomer.

    Those two, along with Mr. Vasquez, emerged from a field of eight candidates.

    Ms. Hill's seat was open, as was Larry Sykes', who ran successfully for Toledo City Council instead of seeking re-election to the school board.

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