Sylvania school board approves new 3-year employment contracts

Action includes raises for 3 administrators


Three Sylvania Schools administrators' probationary employment was made permanent Monday night when the Board of Education approved new three-year employment contracts with 14 principals, assistant principals, and staff directors.

The three who moved from two-year probationary status to permanent three-year administrators also received raises commensurate with their new status. They are Susie Felver, Southview High School's athletic director, whose salary increased $4,757 to $90,314; Michalene Sujaritchan, director of disability services, who got a $5,483 raise to $104,113; and Kasey Vans, assistant principal at Northview High School, whose new $88,761 salary includes a $4,681 raise.

The renewal recommendations for the other administrators are separate from decisions regarding each position's compensation, Superintendent Brad Rieger said. The district's current contracts with administrators expire July 31.

Employees whose contracts were renewed for three years and their salaries are: Joseph Shamy, food service director, $78,391; Julie Sanford, assistant curriculum director, $88,761; Amanda Ogren, assistant principal at McCord Junior High School, $87,881; David McMurray, Southview High School principal, $110,403; Chad Kolebuck, Hill View Elementary School principal, $96,371; Karen Hehl, Timberstone Junior High School assistant principal, $87,881; Darren Estelle, assistant director of information technology, $90,926; Edward Eding, Maplewood Elementary School principal, $96,371; Jeremy Bauer, Stranahan Elementary School principal, $96,371; Michael Bader, Timberstone Junior High School principal, $104,113; and Alan Bacho, director of facilities, $104,113.