Curbside recycling programs debut in Perrysburg, Sylvania


Monday's Earth Day — but also the day new curbside recycling programs debut in Perrysburg and Sylvania.

The two cities are switching over to systems that are more automated. A refuse truck operated by a single employee will lift specially designed bins off the curb with a mechanical arm.

Perrysburg is having both refuse and recyclables collected by its new system.

Sylvania is trying out its new recycling program before deciding if it wants to have trash and recyclables picked up at the same time again. For now, recycling pickup has been scaled back to once every two weeks. Trash will continue to be picked up manually each week.

Perrysburg will have a one-time pickup of old recycling bins and garbage containers on April 27. Those empty containers need to be out on the curb by 7 a.m. that day.

Sylvania residents can turn in their old recycling bins starting Monday at a designated collection area in the Administration Building parking lot, 6730 Monroe St.

Both communities expect to achieve long-term savings with their new programs. With bins that are larger and covered, they also hope to keep more recyclables from becoming loose debris.