Release of chemical causes partial evacuation at BP plant

Roads near the Oregon refinery reopen


Roads near the BP refinery in Oregon have re-opened after being briefly closed because of a "release" from the plant, Oregon police dispatchers said today.

There were no reported injuries.

Mary Caprella, a spokesman for the refinery, said about 1:30 p.m. that "non-essential" workers were evacuated from the northern part of the plant earlier after a release of hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. 

The release was a result of the sulfur recovery units shutting down, Ms. Caprella said. The BP-Husky Refining Emergency Response Team evacuated employees from the northern section of the refinery as a precautionary measure, she said. Also, all traffic into the refinery was shut down, she said.

Police said traffic on the affected roads had returned to normal sometime before 1:30 p.m. At one time, Cedar Point Road was closed at Otter Creek Road, with police crews also stationed at Bay Shore Road and Alabama Street.