Culture Shock

Andrew Z’s latest stunt shatters his chance in Glass City



Andrew Zepeda’s attorney Beau Harvey said his client’s fund-raising effort to buy out a noncompete clause with Cumulus has been suspended and that all of the money raised through a PayPal account has been returned to the donors.

Zepeda’s “Big Corporate” video was pulled as well from the radio host’s Facebook page.

“I think some people thought it was funny and some people thought it was offensive,” Harvey said. “Ultimately, they decided that it probably wasn’t the best idea to have that up and that some people could misconstrue the comic portion of that video, and because of that he decided to pull down the video and refund all the money.”

Harvey said approximately $500 of the $7,400 Zepeda requested from his supporters and fans was raised during the 12 hours the fund-raiser was active.

Zepeda, host of the weekday drive-time show Andrew Z in the Morning on WWWM-FM 105 (Star 105), was fired last week from the Cumulus Media Inc. station along with four members of his on-air team including wife, Michelle Zepeda.

Meanwhile, the radio host and his attorney have reached out to several local, regional, and out-of-state stations about resurrecting Andrew Z in the Morning, including the independently owned WPFX-FM (107.7) The Wolf, as well as the Clear Channel-owned WVKS-FM (92.5), which first brought Zepeda to the Toledo market in October, 2005, and fired him five years later.

“There have been no formal discussions to coming back to Clear Channel,” Harvey said. “... I just think those are some of the [local] options.”

There also have been talks about syndicating Zepeda nationally, which would allow the former WWWM-FM 105 (Star 105) drive-time shock jock to continue to live and work in the area.

“I do think it would be easier for him to leave the community and go elsewhere but he loves this community and wants to stay,” Harvey said.

When asked if Zepeda being a convicted felon was a concern for any of these potential employers, Harvey said it has had an impact, “some of which is negative.

“But most of the discussions haven’t been about his convictions, but rather about his ability to compete in the marketplace.”

Zepeda is also planning to soon launch his Andrew Z Radio app for cell phones and tablets to stream broadcasts to fans, once he has approval from Cumulus.

“It would have multiple channels which would include the morning show, a channel for local artists to play on called Homegrown, a chit-chat radio for women, and a station of party music that would focus on women in the 25-to-54 demographic,” Harvey said.

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