Letters to the Editor

We share blame for lake's woes


Almost all the waste-water plants in northwest Ohio ultimately drain into Lake Erie. This effluent contains all the soap and detergents used by millions of people and industry ("Job-killing algae," editorial, Oct. 5).

The heavy rains this summer pushed this concentration out of creeks and rivers into the Maumee River and then into the western basin of Lake Erie. Combined with the fertilizer placed on millions of lawns and washed into the waterways, this may be the primary cause of the algae blooms.

We all share the blame, not just agriculture.

Gary Buck
Scottwood Avenue


Note to voters: Be aware

How could the Obama Administration give $535 million in loan guarantees to a company, only to have it lay off 1,100 people and then go belly up after a year ("Top executives at Solyndra refuse to answer questions," Sept. 24)?

The Obama gang just laughs it off, but the American voters also are to blame. They chose a person with no real background to be president. Now, many of them have seen how wrong they were.

The next time you vote, be sure you know who you are voting for.

Lewis McLaughlin
Springfield Township


Talk of recession a mixed bag

On the front page of the Sept. 23 edition of The Blade was the headline: "Fears of recession pushing world markets down again." On the business page the same day was the headline: "Index signals less concern for recession in days ahead."

So can we conclude that no one has a clue about how to get the world back on track?

Bruce Weinberg
Sylvania Township


GOP needs to keep 2 words in mind

The Republican Party needs to put two words back into its vocabulary: cooperation and compromise. If Republicans worked as hard for the American people as they do for corporations, our economy would be booming.

Concentration on regaining the White House is not getting the job done. Obstructionism is not good government. The GOP should quit practicing it.

Robert Haynes
Sandra Drive


Taft self-effacing about his weight

Writing about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's weight, op-ed columnist Frank Bruni cites Ohioan William Howard Taft as "the last truly fat president" ("Enough of the fat jokes; an obese Christie might be good," Oct. 2).

While Bruni indicates that Taft did not have the media to make sport of his heft, he did not escape the attention of Supreme Court Associate Justice David Brewer, who called Taft the "politest man in Washington/" The other day on a streetcar, according to Brewer, Taft gave up his seat and three ladies sat down.

Gerald Bazer
Sylvania Township

EDITOR'S NOTE: This version is the correct rendering of the letter above as submitted.


First night quiet for new gun law

On Sept. 30, Ohio's new concealed carry law that allows law-abiding residents to carry their firearm into a bar or restaurant went into effect ("Carrying guns in bars to become legal in Ohio; Concealed weapons law changes tomorrow," Sept. 29).

I noticed no shootouts reported the next day. I guess that's why we are called "law-abiding."

Scott Friesel
Lake Township