Postal closings unwelcome


Your Dec. 8 editorial "Delivering the mail" is welcome because it keeps the critical situation of the U.S. Postal Service in the public eye.

You are correct that the drop in the volume of first-class mail has been instrumental in declining postal revenue. Other factors include pre-funding of postal employees' pension obligations 75 years into the future.

Unfortunately, players on congressional committees believe that putting tens of thousands of postal workers out of work, closing postal facilities around the country, and eliminating Saturday delivery are the answers to the postal service's problems.

In reality, it would mean the beginning of the end for one of America's venerable institutions.

Donald Munkacy
River Road


Toledo's flights can be a better deal

The writer of the Dec. 8 Readers' Forum letter "Toledo Express sadly grounded" said that flights are more expensive to Chicago from Toledo Express than from Detroit Metro Airport. But according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in the second quarter of 2011 this was incorrect.

The average fare from Toledo Express to Chicago was $160.19, compared to $160.70 from Detroit to Chicago.

Parking at Toledo Express is cheaper at about $8 a day, compared to about $20 a day at Detroit Metro. The cost of driving — not to mention time — adds up.

Flying from Toledo Express doesn't necessarily cost more. Add up all of the costs of flying from Toledo versus Detroit, not just the fare.

Ryan Moore
Northwest Ohio Aviation Council Gould Road


Sense lacking in Seneca issue

How does tearing down the Seneca County Courthouse and replacing it with a building that will last for 20 to 30 years make sense, just because it would cost less than restoring a structure that without proper maintenance has stood for more than a century and would last for another century, or more ("New courthouse proposed; Nutter: Plan would cost $5.4M less than renovation," Dec. 9)?

Jim Neumann
Luna Pier


Would a new courthouse last?

The demise of the 42-year- old Woodville Mall in Northwood should be a warning to those who want to destroy and replace the much older Seneca County Courthouse ("Judge orders closing of Woodville Mall," Dec. 19).

How can we justify building a new edifice that may be a tattered old wreck in 40 years? Our offspring will have plenty of other inherited problems to wrestle with, without such an insane burden on their backs.

Jerry Lupton