Where’s American work ethic?


I am not sure how Mitt Romney arrived at the 47 percent figure, but we should not miss the message ("47 percent," editorial, Sept. 19). 

Unemployment is at 8.1 percent nationally, yet there are want ads for truck drivers, tool-and-die makers, and other skilled trades. Why are these good-paying jobs not filled, and why is there not a corresponding decline in unemployment?

Could it be that this type of work requires physical effort, long hours, and a daily work commitment? This sounds like a work ethic that Americans once had.

It sounds like a work ethic that people such as the Chinese possess. Some of us are content to blame other countries for putting our economy in the tank.

Combine this with President Obama's platform that it is the Chinese people's fault, and that it is our government's responsibility to take care of people who are not willing to apply for the aforementioned jobs. This is a great sales pitch for re-election, but a recipe for economic disaster.


‘47%’ disparaged by Romney

Who are the 47 percent of freeloaders Mitt Romney was referring to as he spoke to a private fund-raiser.

Are they our war veterans who receive government benefits, senior citizens who receive Social Security or Medicare, students who receive guaranteed loans, or the working poor who aren't paid fair wages and rely on food stamps to get by?

Maybe Mr. Romney would be better suited to run for president of the Cayman Islands.

Gregg Ross
Tall Oaks Road

No offense taken to be in 47%

I am in the 47 percent that Mitt Romney referred to as not paying income tax. Unlike those offended by that label, I am proud to be in that group. After living for more than three quarters of a century, I have earned the right not to need employment to exist in simple comfort.

There is little doubt as to who is better qualified to lead this country back to prosperity: a successful businessman with integrity, or a business neophyte who continues to refuse to release sealed records of his past.

Leonard Pietras

Romney shows his selfishness

It is hard to believe that a candidate for the presidency would state that he was not worried about people who had low or no income. Something is wrong with Mitt Romney's reasoning.

I came from a home where we were taught that  if you have extra, you try to help those who are struggling.

I am a senior citizen who shares what I have with others. We seniors worked hard and paid into Social Security and Medicare. I believe we deserve to collect it.

I don't think anyone who cares about our United States will cast a vote for this selfish man.

Patricia Tesznar
Ottawa Lake