Obama will carry Ohio again


I was pleased to hear President Obama in person in Bowling Green last week (“President speaks to thousands at BGSU,” Sept. 27).

I am an independent who has voted for Republican candidates in the past (Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior, not his son).

The extreme agenda of the far right on social issues and scientific facts such as global warming has poisoned reasonable thinking in the GOP, and caused many of the inconsistencies in Mitt Romney’s positions.

The GOP should be gravely concerned about losing independents, who are willing to vote for the best candidate, party affiliation aside.

The far right operates in an ideological and nostalgic bubble, and refuses to look at the country and its challenges in a balanced way.

That is why President Obama gets my vote again, will carry Ohio again, and will have four more years.




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What does Obama need to finish?

The President says he needs another four years to finish what he started.

What does this mean? Double the unemployment rate, worsen the economy, have another credit downgrade, do away with the middle class, put us further into debt, and double the cost of gasoline which increases food prices?

I don’t want any part of this.




Obama should be 1-term president

President Obama should be a one-term president. He is begging to get another chance, and we are now more than $16 trillion in debt.

Many more people have given up looking for work and filed for disability payments. Food stamp use is higher than ever.

When Mr. Obama came into office, he took away the cost-of-living increase from Social Security pensions.

Mr. Obama did not save Chrysler. As happy as I am for its employees’ jobs in Toledo, Mr. Obama and the UAW pulled the wool over their eyes.

The administration gave special treatment to the UAW, above and beyond what other creditors and unions received.

It took billions from bondholders, and cost U.S. taxpayers tens of billions to bail out Chrysler and GM. The UAW received billions more in special treatment.




Mandel’s pledge worth a chuckle

I just read with a chuckle in the Blade that Josh Mandel promised to serve only two terms in the Senate if he is elected (“Mandel pledges to limit self to only 2 terms in U.S. Senate,” Sept. 26).

Would this be the same Josh Mandel who promised to serve his full four-year term as Ohio’s state treasurer just two years ago?


Bryan, Ohio