Don’t vote until debates conclude


The recent presidential debate should serve as a lesson why Ohio's early-voting concept is flawed (“Obama, Romney outline differences on economy,” Oct. 4).

Many registered voters, myself included, had limited knowledge of Mitt Romney's economic plan, let alone his character and abilities as a potential president.

Even after attending Mr. Romney’s rally and hearing his speech at SeaGate Convention Centre, I did not feel totally sold on him. It is likely that many other voters, especially independent or undecided voters, would have felt the same way.

Had I chosen to exercise my early voting privilege the next day, would I have voted for Mr. Romney? I can't say, but after watching the first debate, I'm glad I didn't vote early.

Much critical information and important insight can be gained by watching and listening to the nominees as they present their case and defend their positions.

Voters who think they know all there is to know about the presidential and vice-presidential nominees prior to these debates do themselves and the rest of the country a great disservice by voting before these debates are allowed to play out.


Robinwood Avenue


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If all levies pass, extra taxes will hurt

All the levies on the ballot for voters in Toledo and Lucas County separately sound so small for the owner of a $100,000 home.

The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce Web site says that for people living in Toledo and the Toledo Public School district, if all the levies pass, the owner of a $100,000 home would pay an additional $284 a year in taxes.

I can't afford that. I have not had a raise or vacation in more than eight years.


Talmadge Road


Weigh choices of levies wisely

Levies will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot for Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services, Lucas County Children Services, Imagination Station, Metroparks of the Toledo Area, the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, City of Toledo recreation, and Toledo Public Schools.

Cha-ching. Vote wisely.


Kingsgate Road


Skyway should use flag motif more

As I travel to work over the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway, I appreciate the thought that goes into the bridge’s color displays, such as orange and white in honor of work-zone safety week, and blue and red on voting days.

My favorite is the lighting that brings to mind Old Glory. Why is our flag so infrequently displayed by the bridge?

It would be more appropriate than some of the odd color combinations.

After all, the bridge is named in honor of veterans.