Issue 24 important to author


On Nov. 6, voters have the privilege of helping those who can’t help themselves (“Yes on Issue 24,” editorial, Oct. 5). The levy that would benefit Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services has taken on a different meaning to me since I wrote a book about my 7-foot-tall, developmentally disabled cousin.

Through the research I did for The Gentle Giant and The Beauty Queen, I became aware of the care and financial needs of the kind of people who will benefit from voters’ approval of Issue 24. We never know when this aid may be needed by us or a family member.

Like many other voters, I find that higher taxes aren’t always popular. But never again will I choose not to pass a mental health levy to provide for those who can’t help themselves. Passing Issue 24 is important.




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Metroparks need to cut expenses

In this time of required government austerity, Metroparks of the Toledo Area needs to cut back its spending, the same as the taxpayers it serves are doing (“Yes to Metroparks,” editorial, Oct. 11).

Recently, the Metroparks have spent millions of dollars to buy property that sits vacant or is farmed by private citizens. Now it wants to raise the taxes we will pay to maintain, expand, and develop these properties while the current parks need the same upkeep. Wages and benefits will continue to rise for union-backed employees. Taxpayers will be expected to pay their way.

It is time to tell the Metroparks to cut costs, wages, and spending. People should vote no on Issue 21.




County Web site draws praise

Kudos to Lucas County for its Web site. I had questions for the Recorder’s office and the Building Regulations Department. I emailed each of them through the Web site and received immediate responses.


Brock Drive


Other parties offer alternatives

If voting for President Obama or Mitt Romney is just voting against the one you like less, people should realize that there are other choices, including the Green, Socialist, Reform, Libertarian, and Constitution parties. They get less media time than the Obama and Romney campaigns, but each has Web sites and Facebook pages.

The Democrat and Republican candidates usually agree to shun any debate that involves third parties. Are they afraid that they can’t compete?


Sylvania Township


We need a third political party

It’s time for a third political party, maybe even a fourth or fifth. Why should I have to choose between the extreme right and the extreme left?

Why can’t I find a candidate I agree with on all or most major issues? The current parties have stacked the deck against competition. It’s no wonder that voting turnout is so low, when there is no real choice.

The two-party system is obsolete. Unfortunately, I can’t see a change in the two-party system short of a revolution or collapse of the country. The latter is bound to occur if something doesn’t change.