Blade bias cuts into readership


If you wonder why The Blade’s readership has fallen, look at these two headlines from your Oct. 13 edition: “Republicans bash Biden over debate tank remark” and “Libya attack review finds many factors.” Your bias is insulting to any thinking person.

We have a major tragedy in Libya and possible cover-up, and where is that story? It’s down in the right-hand corner under a small headline. You prefer to rail against Republicans in your main headline.

People are fed up with your partisanship. I hope you are finally feeling it in your bottom line, because only then may you wake up.


Ottawa Hills


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Caption shows anti-Romney bias

A photo caption on your Oct. 13 front page suggests bias: “Mitt Romney clambers to the stage...” “Clamber” means to climb with effort or difficulty. But the photo shows Mr. Romney moving with vigor and confidence.

You owe your readers an explanation. Either you are biased or the editor who chose “clambers” is ignorant of its connotation.




Blade shows a pro-Romney bias

Today I picked up The Blade and saw another pro-Romney front page. I cannot believe the bias The Blade has displayed.

There are two candidates in this race, not one. I kept waiting for a pro-President Obama article, but to no avail. Your blatant favoritism has no place in this race.

You wonder why readership is down? This is why. There is no fair play here.




We need a policy, not more tanks

How do we defend ourselves? The number of battle tanks we have is not the answer, as our military and political leaders tell us.

We must not allow our actions and political policies to be determined by foreign extremists, as expressed by Republicans through a peace-through-strength approach.

We need to define ourselves as equal with other people who desire political, economic, social, and religious freedom and respect, as Democrats desire.


Lynbridge Lane


Campaigning goes on too long

Why does campaigning for president go on for such an extensive period? Extended campaigns not only are a waste of financial resources, but also open the door to corporate control of the White House. When will it end?