Passage of Issue 21 vital to enjoy nature


The value of the Metroparks to the community, as described so nicely in your Oct. 11 editorial endorsing Issue 21, is a strong argument to vote for the levy.

The quality of the Metroparks organization is another reason to support this important initiative. I know firsthand that Metroparks employees, along with 3,000 volunteers, are committed to the agency's mission and dedicated to continuously improving these beautiful places for all of us who enjoy them.

Generations of Toledo-area residents can fondly recall times spent in the Metroparks.

Issue 21 will provide sufficient funding for Metroparks to meet the growing demand for its services, to maintain the parks in the excellent condition we have come to expect, and to move forward with several worthy projects that have been on the back burner because of a lack of funding.

I serve as co-chairman of the Issue 21 campaign committee. I invite everyone who values our Metroparks to support Issue 21.


Executive Secretary

Greater Northwest Ohio


Berkey, Ohio