Where’s news of Benghazi?


Why is The Blade not intently following the Benghazi terrorist attack (“Obama, Romney spar subtly over foreign policy in debate; Face-off is final one before vote,” Oct. 23)?

Americans under the protection of the U.S. government were murdered and the incident has been covered up by the White House.

Are you not providing more coverage of this incident because you support President Obama and don’t want to hurt his re-election chances?


Kimberly Drive


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Romney has what nation needs

I’m tired of hearing how President Obama inherited a mess from his predecessor. That is a weak argument that indicates he was neither ready nor able to lead this country.

Every successful person, while contemplating a decision to do something, goes through due diligence. That is a fact-finding exercise that facilitates the decision.

Mitt Romney is a successful businessman who has undertaken that process many times.

Mr. Obama spent a lot of his U.S. Senate career campaigning instead of learning. Had he gone through an analytical process, he would have known what the state of the country was and the challenges the job required.

There can be no clearer choice for anyone interested in saving our economy, and bringing prosperity back to America, than to vote for Mr. Romney. We need a president who has a track record of success in creating jobs, not eliminating them.


Lake Township


Obama needs to own up to jobless

President Obama and his followers claim that the economy is so bad because of President George W. Bush.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site, under President Bush (2001 to 2009), the unemployment rate averaged 5.3 percent. Under President Obama (2009 to 2012), the unemployment rate has been 9.0 percent.

It is time for a new president.




Obama-bashing grows tiring

The Oct. 17 Readers’ Forum letter “Let’s hear it for wealth, capitalism” is a perfect example of the refusal of many to hear what the President has been saying.

Through hard work and education, the President and Michelle Obama have achieved the highest standing in our country and have made a substantial difference in the lives of Americans.

Let’s give President Obama credit for leading us out of a terrible recession. Many people don’t want to hear about where we were four years ago with the failed policies of George W. Bush.

The Republican Party needs to accept responsibility. The GOP has done nothing to help the Obama Administration

I am tired of President-bashing. I have cast my early vote for Mr. Obama.


Sylvania Township


Where does the buck stop?

President Obama needs a sign on his desk: The buck stops everywhere but here.