We’re stuck with divided Congress


President Obama won both the popular vote and the Electoral College, so what is it that the Republican Party doesn’t understand (“What did it all mean? Democrats, GOP offer different takes on voters’ message,” Nov. 11)?

U.S. Rep. Bob Latta said he’s not sure there was a clear mandate. He added: “Once again, we’ll have a divided Congress.”

Of course we will, as long as these representatives continue to favor party over the people they were elected to represent.


Shoreland Avenue


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Priests, nuns at interfaith service

In response to the Oct. 27 Readers’ Forum letter “Where was Catholic leader?”: There was an urgent scheduling difficulty at the time of this interfaith observance at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. However, Catholic priests and nuns were in the audience to express their support.

The Muslim community of Toledo has enjoyed nearly 100 years of close association with our Catholic neighbors. These relationships were groomed under Bishop James Hoffman and have continued to flourish under Bishop Leonard Blair.

On numerous occasions, the Diocese of Toledo has sent representatives to our activities and stood by us in instances of distress. We have cordial relationships with local priests and nuns, who frequently visit our institutions, as Muslims are welcomed at theirs.

The Muslim community of Toledo is blessed and grateful for their support.



Editor’s note: The writer is a spokesman for the United Muslim Association of Toledo.