Voters’ wait akin to a tax


Addressing the issue of how long some voters had to wait to cast their ballots, President Obama said: “We have to fix that” (“Long lines, confusion plague polling places across nation,” Nov. 8).

Every American, Democrat or Republican, should be appalled knowing that there are places where casting a vote can take as long as eight hours.

When a person has to miss several hours of work to vote, that’s like a poll tax. If that happened to me, it would make no difference whether the candidate was Democrat or Republican. I would vote incumbents out of office for either causing or doing nothing about the situation.




Mindless voting to lead to woes

The robots have lockstepped again to the polls in the country and in Lucas County, to vote the ballot demanded by Democrats and union bosses.

In the country, they have re-elected President Obama. He has now inherited his own financial mess. No more blaming President George W. Bush.

In Lucas County, many Democrats were elected, including Phil Copeland as recorder. When an experienced man such as George Sarantou loses to a man who has a poor attendance record at Toledo City Council sessions, it is because the winner had a “D” behind his name on the ballot.

When the country and the county go over the fiscal cliff, the mindless robots can look to the White House and in the mirror for the people to blame.


Carlingfort Drive


Wiccan article educational

I’m sorry to learn that you are losing a reader because you ran an article on Wiccans (“Coven article an offense to faith,” Readers’ Forum, Nov. 10). You have done a fine job representing all beliefs.

Why anyone would be offended by an educational article about a religion that happened to tie in with Halloween is beyond my understanding.


Beaufort Avenue


Ripping Wiccans is out of line

The letter writer who bashed the Wiccan community seems to have no idea of reality.

America has become a melting pot for minority groups that embrace alternative forms of spirituality. They include those who freely practice their Earth-friendly religions in peace and solidarity.

My thanks to The Blade for publishing the profile of one cheerful group of coveners.