Affair aside, Petraeus should stay


The media act as if David Petraeus is the first general or public figure to carry on an adulterous affair (“Falling from grace,” editorial, Nov. 14).

What about the reports of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower having an affair with a female aide in World War II? Presidents from Thomas Jefferson to Franklin Roosevelt to John Kennedy had affairs.

General Petraeus, who resigned as CIA director in the wake of the affair, is human. I wouldn’t want my leaders to be anything else.

Congress and President Obama would do well to ask him to re-up for public service. I’d feel a lot safer with Mr. Petreaus back at the helm.

Americans don’t care what goes on in our leaders’ bedrooms, nor should they.


Heatherdowns Boulevard


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Visiting churches fine; take next step

Although I understand John Knollman’s interest in visiting various churches, he seems to overlook — and perhaps has never experienced — the Christian fellowship that may develop when one is a regular member of a church (“Regular attender always a visitor; Waterville hardware owner has been to over 100 churches,” Nov. 17).

Most churches engage in a variety of ministries, both for their members and in outreach to the community. These require the time, talents, and finances of the membership to support.

My question to Mr. Knollman: Always a visitor, never a giver?


Clover Lane


Egypt should annex Gaza

Egypt is a Muslim country. Most of the people in Gaza are Muslim. Egypt should incorporate Gaza into its country, and stop Hamas from firing rockets into Israel.

The Egyptians have been to war with Israel several times. They are smart enough not to do it again.


Sylvania Township


Cooperation with railroads a must

The tragedy in Midland, Texas, involving a parade float carrying wounded military veterans and the train that bore down on them, could have been avoided (“Parade quickly turned to carnage; War training kicked in for veterans who survived crash,” Nov. 17).

Several trains come through our village daily. Every June, there is a Weston Days street fair. Railroad operators are given advance notice, and trains slow to a crawl during this three-day event.

The cooperation of railroads on such events is a small price to pay when precious lives are at stake.


Weston, Ohio