Library director thankful for levy OK


The 2012 Toledo-Lucas County Public Library levy campaign is over (“Ohio voters show support for libraries,” Nov. 6). Our thanks go to the thousands of voters who understood the essential and necessary role of their public library in the educational, economic, and cultural fabric of Toledo and Lucas County.

Whether they cast a ballot at the polls, voted absentee, or voted early, most voters demonstrated their support for Issue 23, which will help support the library system through 2017.

According to the Lucas County Board of Elections, Issue 23 passed by nearly 66 percent of the 191,687 votes cast.

A strong and vibrant public library is a sign of a strong and vibrant community, and ultimately a sign of how that community values its residents. The library system’s board and officials will meet next year to restore some of what was lost because of funding cuts in the past years.

Our librarians and employees strive each day to work hard for our patrons: not only the people who use the library’s offerings, but also those who publicly support our system through their approval of levy issues. This alone is a huge reason for our success year after year, and the great pride we feel for a job well done.

We urge the community and our patrons to continue to keep our library system one of the best in the nation, and one of the most supported by its community. The library is the community’s gift to itself. It truly is a relevant, innovative, and democratic public library that is critical to the future success of our children and the vitality of our commnity.

Thank you all for your support and overwhelming passage of our levy.



Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

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