Toledo’s water plant sinking?


Your Nov. 21 article “EPA warns city on water plant” reported on the City of Toledo operating its drinking water treatment plant for years without preventive maintenance.

What has the city been doing with the millions of dollars it collects for water service?

It is past time that state auditors should have been brought in to look at the city’s books on the plant.


Scottwood Avenue


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Water users could help pay for repair

CNN reported that Americans have donated nearly $8 million of their own money to help pay down the national debt. Toledo-area water users should be offered the opportunity to contribute to the renovation of the water treatment plant.

I have lived in a part of Africa where boiling water before drinking it is a necessity. The process is time-consuming and a waste of fuel.

Who can anticipate the human cost of a plant shutdown once store shelves are stripped of bottled water?


Schneider Road


Where’s water rate hike going?

More than two years ago, I attended two meetings that addressed the city’s water treatment plant.

At both meetings, city officials said the conditions at the plant justified the increase in water and sewer rates.

What has the city done with the rate increase money? Those in charge act as if these poor conditions at the treatment plant just popped up.




Dog obsession went too far

The Blade is obsessed with dogs, but your coverage of the Harvest Lane murder-suicide went over the top (“5 found dead in West Toledo; police suspect murder-suicide; 3 children, 2 adults in car in garage; authorities cite custody battle,” Nov. 13).

The article said five people were found dead, along with two dogs and a cat. You reported that the breeds of the animals were not available. Why would this even matter?

But on day two of your coverage, you said that the dogs were a Shepherd mix.

Three beautiful, innocent children were murdered. Do we really need to know what breed of dogs were there?


Provincetowne Drive