Tax vote will help mentally ill, addicted


On behalf of the 24,400 individuals who receive services from agencies funded by the Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, I thank voters for their support of Issue 24.

The board’s mission is to cultivate a high-quality, efficient, and accountable network of community assets dedicated to reducing the impact of mental illness and addiction.

The board coordinates a system of 17 community-based agencies to ensure that a wide range of prevention, treatment, and support services remains available to meet the needs of the underinsured and uninsured.

Tax dollars from this levy will restore and improve access to critical services for those most in need, including children and veterans.

In providing these services, lives will be saved, families will be stabilized, employment will be obtained, and educational goals will be realized.

Mental illness and addiction do not discriminate by age, race, gender, or economic status. Investments in prevention, treatment, and support services extend well beyond an individual benefit.

The services also affect the community through promotion of a healthy and educated work force, reduction in health-care costs, and decreased criminal justice costs.

The board understands that it is a privilege to receive tax dollars. We remain committed to achieving high-quality outcomes and providing superior financial oversight to ensure the most effective use of these vital resources.


Executive Director Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board Adams Street