Fracking disclosure is proper


In response to your Nov. 27 editorial “Disclose fracking chemicals”:

New laws in Ohio require disclosure of chemicals after hydraulic fracturing, as required in every other state, and the drilling process, to ensure the most accurate and useful information is provided to the public.

Each well has its own unique geology that is unknown until a hole is drilled. The makeup of fluids used during these processes varies to ensure safe and responsible practices.

No industry is denied protection for its intellectual property under state and federal law, including the oil and natural gas industry.

The oil and gas industry is committed to developing our shale resources safely and responsibly. Our industry is continuously adopting new standards that not only improve oil and gas extraction, but also help protect the communities where we live.


Executive Director Ohio Petroleum Council Columbus


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Marina District still in works?

As an East Side resident, I have a question for Toledo Mayor Mike Bell: Where is our Marina District (“Courting China,” editorial, Nov. 26)?


Milroy Street


Building’s sale for $1 draws concern

Toledo City Council sold the city’s former fleet and facilities building along Albion Street to a local businessman for $1 (“City council sells building for $1, Nov. 21). City leaders say the deal is good for taxpayers because the building is in poor condition, and putting it back into use would return it to the tax rolls.

Is council saying that the land has no value? What would keep the buyer from selling the land and building for a huge profit? Is the City of Toledo so financially sound that it does not need money from a sale of the building and land?

If I had known that the city was selling the building for $1, I would have doubled the offer. Council can’t allow a lower bid to win.


Talmadge Road


Street work complimented

My street, north of Sylvania Avenue, has had contractors from gas and water utilities replacing lines in preparation for paving the street. This activity was coordinated by the City of Toledo’s Division of Engineering Services in the Department of Public Utilities.

During construction, we were given written and verbal notices when access would be limited. All of the workers were courteous and helpful. I was impressed with the hard work done by the crews.

The paving is complete. It is a pleasure to travel such a smooth street. This experience has reinforced my appreciation of Toledo.


Drummond Road