Higher ed great, but cost hurt


Bowling Green State University President Mary Ellen Mazey’s Dec. 2 op-ed column, “Ohio’s economic growth depends on higher education,” was on point. We need to have more of our local youths receive better-quality education.

But we also have to continue to work on joint efforts to maximize the strengths of our northwest Ohio colleges and universities.

As Ms. Mazey pointed out, the fine and performing arts and music programs provided by these institutions of higher learning make our area a better place to live and a source of economic stimulus and community pride.

Ms. Mazey failed to address the ever-increasing costs of educating our children and grandchildren. The solution to that issue remains elusive. Failure to find a solution will be an economic disaster for our community.


Parliament Square


Obama acts like Egypt’s Morsi

There have been headlines in our country and protests in Egypt over the power grab by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (“Egypt’s crisis,” editorial, Dec. 1). Yet President Obama has been doing much the same thing for four years.

Mr. Obama usurps congressional power by regulation and gives authority to unelected czars. He does not pass budgets and worms his way around the courts.

It is no wonder that President Obama has been silent about Mr. Morsi — he would be hypocritical to say anything. Mr. Obama would do the same thing that Mr. Morsi is doing if he could get away with it.


Springfield Township


Catholic Church needs to see light

The egalitarian British government is in a quandary now that its official church has rejected the notion of parity among its bishops.

The loss didn’t come from clergy or hierarchy, but from laity. It came despite the fact that a third of Anglican clergy are women.

At the same time, Catholic clergy in the United States, have not uttered a word of protest against their hierarchy’s excommunication of the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, a Maryknoll priest for 45 years. His crime: supporting women’s total integration into the Roman Catholic community.

One smarmy reason offered to deny ordination to women is that Jesus’ apostles were men. That tribal lifestyle was prevalent among Jews in the Middle East then, as it is among many Arabs today.

We should return to that? In 2,000 years, there has been no enlightenment?


Lowe Road


Solar power must be widespread

Why doesn’t the government use modern technology to run homes and businesses on solar power?

We should be energy self-sufficient and not depend on high-voltage wires.

The technology is here. Let’s use it.


Ryan Road