Recorder issue points to concern


If there is any question about the need to reform Lucas County government, one only has to read your interview with our newly elected county recorder (“New recorder to keep union job; Copeland says he plans to retire as local’s manager in ‘few months’,” Dec. 14).

Under our present form of county government, there appears to be some question, at least in the mind of Recorder-elect Phillip Cope-land, about whether the position is a full-time job. An assistant Lucas County prosecutor stated in the article that without researching the topic, he believes Mr. Cope-land will be permitted to engage in additional employment outside the recorder’s office. He said he believes there is no statutory prohibition, and other elected county officials do not have set hours or vacation schedules.

Although it is somewhat reassuring to know that a county officeholder may select a competent deputy, voters have a right to expect that an individual elected to a county office will give that office his or her full-time attention.

This is another reason why it is time to change from our antiquated form of county government to a more efficient, effective, and modern type of government that is provided for under the Ohio Revised Code and has been adopted by Summit and Cuyahoga counties.

I hope Lucas County residents will learn more about charter government and support it for our county.


Sylvania Township

Editor’s note: The writer is a retired judge of the Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals who served on the study committee of the Lucas County Citizen Review, which advocates a reorganization of county government.