Blade needs to support schools


In response to your Dec. 19 article “Some local schools allow easy entrance”: The woman shown in your photograph entering Wayne Trail Elementary School in Maumee is a parent and an employee in the building.

Maumee City Schools has one of the safest procedures for entering schools. Visitors are buzzed into the office, where they must sign in with the secretary.

These are schools, not prisons. We cannot completely lock people out. There are family members of students, delivery personnel, substitute teachers, and others who need to enter the building.

The Blade should practice responsible journalism and support schools instead of always pointing out the negative.

I am a teacher at Fairfield Elementary in Maumee. I feel safe there. If something were to happen, I would do everything in my power to keep my students safe.


University Boulevard


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Military veterans could staff schools

In light of the possible dangers our children face, it could be prudent to hire military veterans as security officers for our schools.

Veterans have been trained in the use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and know how to control dangerous situations.

This also would alleviate the problem of veterans trying to find employment when their tour of duty is complete.


Archbold, Ohio


Ex-NRA member: Ban assault rifles

I have been a hunter and have owned guns since I was 14 years old. I have never had a rifle or shotgun that held more than six shells. I have never had to fire a gun more than three times at a game animal.

An assault rifle is a military automatic weapon with a large-capacity magazine. There is no reason why an assault rifle should be sold to the public. It is not a hunting or target rifle; its main purpose is to kill people.

I gave up my NRA membership 20 years ago because of its defense of assault rifles. If I want to target-shoot, there are much better choices than an assault rifle.

Who needs 30 shots to hit a paper target? It’s time our government put a halt to the sale of this kind of rifle.




It’s OK to own guns and get help

After the horror of Newtown, there was a public outcry to ban guns. Where are the voices questioning the fact that when teachers and school administrators recommend psychological testing for troubled students, their parents have the right to opt out, and a great number do?

Is there guilt in owning guns but no guilt in ignoring or minimizing the opinions of trained professionals?

Unarmed citizens cannot protect themselves from enemies, foreign or domestic. There are a great number of both.


Majestic Drive