Columnist wrong on gun stance


Eugene Robinson’s Dec. 22 op-ed column, “It’s time for action, not talk, on an assault weapon ban,” is the same old story on gun control — just pass one law and all mass killing would stop. That is, until the next one.

Newtown was a tragedy caused by a lunatic. Banning the kind of rifle he used is not an answer. Only a good guy with a gun could have stopped him.

Many law-abiding people own this type of rifle for self-defense. It is also used for taking game, although it is not as powerful as most hunting rifles. Mr. Robinson would lead readers to believe otherwise.

These tragedies must end, but nothing in his column pointed to measures other than putting more restrictions on law-abiding people and reinstating a failed gun ban that did nothing to stop criminals during the 10 years it was law. The Second Amendment should not be infringed upon.


Bennett Road


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Mental-health services needed

With each violent shooting tragedy, the first reaction is gun control. We need to address the root cause of these events if we are to avoid more in the future: the lack of mental-health services.

There should be a system that allows someone with a mental-health crisis to pick up a phone instead of a gun. Why not a 511 number for mental-health services?

If we are to have a serious discussion about the increase in violent acts, it needs to be about funding preventive services that all of us will benefit from and that will keep individuals from reaching a breaking point that leads to violence.


Boothbay Drive


Society mustupgrade values

Vigilantes with weapons are not the answer to violence in our society. Gun control alone is not the answer. We must have shared values.

Those values should include resistance to knee-jerk responses such as more guns, support for access to health care that includes mental-health care, advocacy of adequate support for families, and support of law enforcement in its pledge to protect and to serve our civil society.


Meadowvale Drive


Newtown links: Kids, psychiatry

We need better mental-health services. Many people who need mental-health care have inadequate access to it.

As a woman who suffered severe depression for more than 10 years, I know how difficult access to care can be.

Are people willing to pay more taxes so that psychiatric care is more accessible? I doubt it. I fear we will see mental-health services slashed, not improved.


Perrysburg Township


Violent culture must cease

The senseless tragedy in Newtown, Conn., has become our modern-day shot heard ‘round the world. The outpouring of support in this time of unimaginable loss will rally everyone toward a greater good.

I hope this will lead to voluntary curbs on the culture of gratuitous violence in our entertainment industry.

Feeding our hearts and minds with images of inhumanity in its darkest decadence continues to take a toll that we can no longer ignore.


Philmar Drive