Davis-Besse questions abound


Your Dec. 29 article “Effort to block plant’s license fails” about a federal board approving the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant’s operating license was troubling.

Cracks that were found in the shield building’s concrete walls are ominous. What is the condition of other walls and beneath the reactor?

The water intake for the plant is in Lake Erie, near the old Camp Perry shooting range’s impact area. Could live ordinance end up in the intake line? There are too many question and no answers.

FirstEnergy Corp. should move its offices to Davis Besse. When corporate executives, other employees, and their families have to live or work in or near that plant for next 30 years, would they feel safe?

Scottwood Avenue

Adopted youths’ gavel is treasured

Thank you for the article on the gift of a gavel to children adopted in Lucas County (“Adoption rite reaches milestone; Gift of small gavel from court started 50 years ago,” Dec. 25).

For most birth families there are footprints and a variety of other mementos to remember the day their child joined the family. Thankfully, those of us who adopted through Lucas County courts have a treasured gavel. This takes on a bigger value because our children do not have pictures or anything else to remember the day of their birth.

While some counties sadly may find this an unnecessary expense, the gavel becomes a special reminder of a most important day.

Delta, Ohio

‘Royal hoax’ death of nurse troubling

People are fragile. For proof we need look no further than the death of Jacintha Saldanha (“Inquest: Nurse in British royal hoax found hanging,” Dec. 13).

Ms. Saldanha was the nurse who fielded the prank phone call from two Australian disc jockeys about the medical status of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. The call was transferred unchallenged to the appropriate department and was recorded by the radio station.

Delighted by their good fortune, the disc jockeys played the recording over and over. Word of the prank was soon picked up by other media outlets and worldwide humiliation was now pressing down upon Ms. Saldanha. She apparently took her own life.

What’s troubling to me are the things society finds entertaining: cruel jokes, mockery, violence, and a general disregard for civility, coupled with mankind’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge his fallen nature.

Franklin Avenue

Post-sentencearrests deplorable

I was appalled to read about the people arrested outside the Lucas County Courthouse after the sentencing of a young man for rape (“6 arrested after disturbance over teen’s sentence for rape,” Nov. 29).

While the behavior of these individuals is deplorable in general, most disturbing is the apparent fact that most of them, in some form or another, allegedly menaced the victim of the offense while being escorted out of the courtroom upon the conclusion of the sentencing hearing.

I hope that each of these individuals is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Cloister Road