Is it time for women to rule?


Your Jan. 5 editorial “Outrage in India” said that the U.S. House failed to renew the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, and that Republican lawmakers balked at extending protections to lesbians, illegal immigrants, and Native American woman.

These must be the same Republicans who believe a woman’s body automatically fails to unite the egg and sperm during a rape because of a special mechanism. And the same Republicans who want to give full constitutional rights to fetuses at the moment of conception. Would that include the right to bear arms?.

If we are going to continue to morally and culturally digress like this, why not go back to the time of matrilineal societies, where women rule? Maybe then the violence and gender superiority will cease.


Middleton Township


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Funeral procession requires respect

I am bothered by the lack of respect some drivers give to funeral processions.

Twice in one week recently, I saw funeral processions while I was running errands. Both times I was appalled that vehicles not only did not pull over out of respect, but also passed the procession.

In one instance, a driver proceeded through an intersection while a funeral motorcade continued through. That driver nearly hit a vehicle that was marked with a purple funeral flag. The driver had the nerve to honk and make an obscene gesture to the motorist in the funeral vehicle.

I cannot accept it being OK for people to be so callous and absorbed in what they have going on that they cannot pull over for a few minutes to show respect to a funeral procession.




Civil War term is incorrect

Your article about President Abraham Lincoln’s slippers makes only one reference to the American conflict of 1861 to 1865: the pro-Confederate term War Between the States (“Lincoln’s slippers take star turn from Fremont to Hollywood; Hayes Center items replicated,” Dec. 3).

That is a pre-civil rights era term, required by many Southern states to be used in school history texts. Apart from its race and propaganda implications, it is an objectively incorrect term for the Civil War. There was a union of states that was rent apart. Lincoln gave his life to preserve that Union.




Northview event coverage lauded

Thank you for the coverage of the Science Olympiad Invitational tournament at Northview High School recently (“Science Olympians battle in Olympiads at Northview,” Dec. 16).

Hard-working, bright, energetic students from Northview, Southview, other parts of Ohio, and from Michigan and Pennsylvania represented their schools and communities in a positive light.

My wife is a science teacher at Northview. I was one of the event volunteers. Great kids plus great science made for a great day.