Montpelier needed to tell parents


I am a parent in Montpelier Exempted Village Schools. It was not made clear that the plan to allow four janitors to carry their own guns in school was up for a vote (“Armed-janitor plan draws mixed reaction from parents,” Jan. 12).

School board members had to know that this was a big deal to parents, because it would affect our children’s lives. But the agenda statement posted online said the board would be voting on “specialized details for security arrangements.” This did not imply to me that the vote would be on having armed employees.

I am not completely opposed to armed employees in certain schools. But I am opposed to not having this issue more clearly communicated to parents and members of our community.

The Montpelier district needs to set the stage for future votes on this issue by other school boards.


Montpelier, Ohio


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Blade should worry about Toledo safety

In response to your Jan. 12 editorial “Cooler heads must prevail”: My wife and I have grandchildren in the Montpelier school district. The Blade would do better to spend your editorial energy on the problem of safety in Toledo.

When we go to Toledo, which is fairly often, we make it a point to be out of there by sundown. The crime rate makes us uncomfortable.

When you have resolved Toledo’s problems, we will be more than happy to hear your opinions on how to solve ours.

In the meantime, we’re happy to have responsible people on our local school board doing what they, who are closest to the situation, think best.


Pioneer, Ohio


How about a ban on food ads?

If we are ready to get serious about battling obesity, we should ban restaurants and food industries from advertising on TV and on billboards, just as was done to the tobacco industry.

When I’m settled down to watch TV after a good evening meal, I’m bombarded with ads for food: Soups, lunch meats, condiments, and tantalizing restaurant ads showing sizzling steaks, shrimp, and lobster swimming in melted butter, and baked potatoes with all the trimmings. They even make vegetables look good.

Excuse me while I fix myself a sandwich.


Heatherdowns Boulevard


Mandel failed to uphold values

It disturbs me that the writer of the Dec. 18 Readers’ Forum letter “Mandel always will be a Marine” can overlook Josh Mandel’s performance as Ohio treasurer and still support him just because he is a Marine.

I am a retired Marine gunnery sergeant. Part of being a Marine is displaying honor, integrity, and commitment. Mr. Mandel violated those responsibilities when he missed monthly meetings early in his term and hired people whose qualifications had been in question. For those reasons, he has lost this Marine’s respect and support.

Service does not provide an individual with the right to dishonor himself or our beloved Corps.


Perrysburg Township