TPS leader’s tax stand befuddling


Brenda Hill’s remarks after she was sworn in as president of the Toledo Board of Education befuddle me (“New TPS board chief calls for levy,” Jan. 7).

She said that her first priority is to pass a levy. Shouldn’t the first priority for Toledo Public Schools be to create successful academic outcomes for all its students? Money from a new levy would be but one tool, and could just as easily be squandered on continued underperformance instead of vital reforms.

She blamed the latest levy defeat on how the campaign was conducted, and said voters are unaware of what TPS has to offer. She said more yard signs promoting the levy were needed.

Ms. Hill’s remarks suggest that the board is oblivious to the district’s problems and the community’s concerns. She and the rest of the board cling to the hope that a good marketing campaign, rather than substantive reform, will resolve the dilemma.

Elmhurst Road

Council flap sends city to a new low

Toledo hit a new low when national news media made fun of union leader Dennis Duffey’s comments about City Council President Joe McNamara voting for a better candidate for council (“Fox News slams remarks,” Jan. 9).

Mr. Duffey’s remarks highlight the biggest problem the city has. If the majority of council members see Shaun Enright as the best council candidate with minimal qualifications, a record of criminal charges, and a recent bankruptcy, we are in a world of hurt.

Because council members represent the city, the city is seen as a joke. Why didn’t council members do what’s best for the city by appointing a person with a strong background who can turn Toledo’s fortunes around?

Political parties and unions are killing this area. Businesses will continue to leave unless changes are made that ignore politics and unions. Voters need to get behind strong, qualified candidates.

Sylvania Township

Toledo council issue shameful

Thank God I do not live in Toledo. Toledo has become the laughingstock of the nation with the appointment of a City Council member to represent labor, and the comments that Joe McNamara should be castrated for not going along with the status quo.

Congratulations to Mr. McNamara for standing up to such a farce. Shame on the Democratic Party for appointing a member of a labor union because labor has contributed so much money to the party.


A man walksinto a bar …

An intoxicated man walked into a bar pulling a chain. The bartender asked: “What are you doing?” The man replied: “Have you ever tried to push one?”

Now imagine each chain link as a member of Congress and a President, drunk on his own ego, leading from behind. We need a President pulling from in front (“Obama, Biden take oaths for 2nd term,” Jan. 21).

Graytown, Ohio