Let’s let children be children


Children are used by both the left and right to further their agendas (“Gun debate nothing to kid about,” op-ed column, Jan. 21).

The National Rifle Association points out that the President’s children are protected by guns. Children have been used as a backdrop for signing legislation.

When are so-called adults going to get together, put aside agendas, and hammer out solutions? Let children be children while they still can, and let adults prove they really are adult.


Glenbrook Drive

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Readjust priorities to hire more police

I am baffled by the outrage over governmental gun control. In Toledo, home break-ins are rampant. There is a shooting seemingly almost every day.

Cameras are used for surveillance instead of having police patrols. It’s no wonder that residents are arming themselves.

There are enough laws on the books to control the illegal use of weapons. We need more police officers trained to enforce existing legislation.

The money is there. Our priorities just need to be realigned. Instead of spending tax dollars for benefits that are almost unheard of in private industry, governments should pay public employees a fair wage and let them provide their own pensions and health insurance.

Any public employee who receives a publicly funded pension and decides to go back to work should be given a choice of collecting a salary or the pension, but not both.

The savings will generate enough money to provide the police officers we need to make our streets safe again without raising taxes. Once our streets are safe, the issue of gun control will be moot.


Melvin Drive


In fairness, run gun-free home list

One Blade reader thought it was a good idea to publish the names of legal gun owners (“Listing owners of guns neighborly,” Readers’ Forum, Jan. 21).

Would this reader, in the interest of openness and fairness, approve the publication of online and newspaper lists of names and addresses of households that are gun-free?


Monclova Township


Sure, list homes of gun owners

I agree with the letter writer that listing gun owners in the newspaper would be neighborly.

By doing so, criminals would know not to go to my house, because I am a gun owner and they would be at risk.

But it seems this would be an invitation to visit a non-gun-owner’s home.


Newport, Mich.