Kudos on column about business aid


Blade Editor David Kushma’s Jan. 6 op-ed column, “Taxpayers can’t afford blank checks to business,” was correct: Government should not give tax money to businesses unless they have a good record of making profits.

I would like to see Mr. Kushma write about how the federal Department of Energy is making bad loans to solar companies that have a record of failure. This will keep up under President Obama’s direction, as per his inaugural address. He has a bad record of wasting tax money on solar projects.

Elmore, Ohio

Drivers, be aware of road workers

Most people think warm weather brings out the orange barrels that signal the start of road-construction season. However, freezing and thawing play havoc with roads. Crews must make repairs no matter the weather.

Motorists should be careful when they drive by road workers, or something tragic could happen.

I lost the love of my life almost exactly a year ago, when a truck drove into his work zone on the Ohio Turnpike in Sandusky Township. I hope that no other mother has to tell her three young children that a truck killed their daddy while he was at work.

I ask motorists to think about how a crash could affect your own family. Slow down, get off the phone, pay attention, and stay awake in work zones. Driving safely can get everyone home every night.


Intersections come under fire

Several intersections in the city of Toledo have me annoyed and worried for people’s safety.

At these intersections, almost as soon as a motorist gets through the light, the right lane ends and merges into the left.

At these intersections, responsible, unselfish drivers continue in the appropriate lane. But foolish, selfish, and unsafe drivers speed down the right lane and cut in at the last second.

I ask the city to study the intersection of Sylvania Avenue and Secor Road, and see all the horn honking, middle-finger flipping, and games of chicken occurring every few minutes.

It’s unfair to responsible drivers and unsafe for all drivers on the road.

Templar Road
Editor’s note: A city engineering department spokesman said: “This is a common design that allows more vehicles through an intersection. It can be an efficient design, but it requires drivers to be patient and allow vehicles to merge after they have gone through the intersection.”