Violence-prone will find a way


While there may be some merit to restricting assault-weapon ownership, further restrictions would mean little (“Thousands march in D.C. in support of gun control; Proposed ban faces hurdles in Senate,” Jan. 27). More attention needs to be paid to how society deals with the socially maladjusted and mentally ill who are prone to violence.

Perhaps the American Civil Liberties Union, with its efforts to discourage the institutionalization of the violence-prone mentally ill, should be scrutinized as the National Rifle Association has been for its stand on guns.

When guns become harder to come by, people with a propensity for mass violence will turn to other means, such as homemade bombs and variations of germ and chemical weapons. The Internet lends itself to innumerable possibilities.

To focus on banning guns and trivialize the human aspect is an exercise in self-delusion.


Monclova Township


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NRA’s control of politicians wrong

I support the constitutional right to bear arms, but I don’t see what kind of weapons that right covers. There is a purpose for weapons that have magazines that hold a lot of bullets, but a weapon for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense needs only five rounds.

The NRA can threaten politicians to vote its way or lose support. But I hope Americans will be watching the political debate on an assault-weapon ban.

If a ban doesn’t pass, the public should vote in the next election for candidates who are not in the control of the NRA. That is how Americans can show the NRA who is in real control.


Pawnee Road


Gun owners must be held liable

I am not against legal ownership of guns for protection and hunting, as long as owners and distributors and sellers at gun shows meet federal, state, and local requirements.

Buyers should pass extensive criminal background and mental-illness checks. People should be trained in safety, and should secure guns so they don’t get in the hands of children and criminals.

Gun owners should be held liable for all damages done with their weapons if they are found negligent.

We need stricter gun laws and bans on magazines that hold more than six bullets. We need law-enforcement agents to be able to do what is necessary to get guns and criminals off the streets, and judges to be allowed to give more jail time to violators.


308th Street


Shooters are only out for publicity

Most of the shooters who commit mass killings are people nobody paid attention to. They commit these shootings to be famous, like Bonnie and Clyde or Jesse James.

We don’t publish the names of rape victims or juveniles. Why are we publishing the names of shooters? Identify shooters by numbers and see whether taking away publicity helps reduce firearms crime.