City police criticism unjustified


Parts of your Jan. 7 editorial “Reviewing police actions” have merit, but I take exception to your suggestion that Toledo officials ought to re-evaluate the policy on the use of deadly force to ensure the city meets the highest standards for police forces nationwide.

This implies that Toledo police standards are somehow flawed. Including this comment in an editorial about an officer-involved shooting that you indicated was justified, you suggested the incident should be reviewed by an independent panel. That raises unwarranted suspicion about the incident.

Police-involved shootings are rare, and every situation is different. It is a deadly encounter that no officers want, but have to deal with because it is their duty.

Civilian review boards or independent panels should be used only if the people on those panels have experience in deadly confrontations.

You should wear a badge and gun before you imply that Toledo police are possibly covering up a shooting incident.


Springfield Township

Editor’s note: The writer is a retired Toledo Police Department sergeant.


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Walton just what the doc ordered

Please don’t ever let retired Blade editor Thomas Walton out of your sight. His Jan. 14 column, “Hold the Mayo, here’s Old Doc Walton’s Health Tips to Live By,” speaks on behalf of all seniors with his pithy, humorous comments.

In a time of violence, he writes about life in the slower lane with a light attitude that all of us can appreciate. We forget our serious concerns and can laugh at his comments. I hope he puts together a book for posterity.


Metamora, Ohio


‘Miracle’ article a mom’s reminder

Thank you for your Dec. 24, 2012, article “‘Miracle baby’ visits staff who worked to save his life; 1-year-old taken to Toledo Hospital on his birthday.”

The story of Pierce Anderson Burrow, who had lost 90 percent of his blood prior to his “miracle” birth, was as stunning as it was remarkable.

As a mother of a grown son who was hospitalized twice in his infancy, I can attest to the heart-wrenching and heartwarming moments of sharing a baby’s precarious health event with a wonderful team of doctors and nurses.

Our son, like Pierce, was hospitalized at Toledo Hospital. I am still grateful for the compassionate care we received there.

I wish continued success to Toledo Children’s Hospital in its mission of providing a flourishing childhood for children of the Toledo community.


Barrington Drive


Lip syncing isunderstandable

People are upset that the person who sang the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration may not have performed it live (“Can reality compete? Question of whether Beyoncé lip synced national anthem raises another,” Jan. 30). That’s no surprise.

Considering that maybe a third of U.S. citizens know the words to the first stanza, and that “The Star-Spangled Banner” has four stanzas, what do you expect?

Maybe as a public service, The Blade could publish the words to it in full.


Manchester Boulevard