Put Pecko’s expertise to good use


Effective with the new school year, Jerome Pecko will no longer be superintendent of Toledo Public Schools (“Superintendent to part ways with Toledo schools in July; Top administrator to leave after 3 years on job,” Jan. 31). We should not waste time asking why this happened, but instead demand that Mr. Pecko submit a white paper on the state of the school system upon his departure.

We have at our disposal, under contract, a trained professional who could provide a frank assessment of TPS and not be constrained in candor. This document could be a useful tool for his successor, and may provide context to the results of the performance audit planned for TPS.

Letting the chips fall where they may could be just the tool our community needs to assess the financial and educational challenges our school system faces.


Grantwood Drive

Editor’s note: The writer was the City of Toledo’s finance director and budget commissioner from 1999 to 2009.


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Dems should not rip GOP on aid

I’m tired of Democrats who blast lawmakers who did not help superstorm Sandy victims (“Ohio GOP scolded over Sandy no votes; Dems say Latta, other Republicans turned backs on superstorm victims,” Jan. 10).

When a tornado hit Lake Township, President Obama denied federal aid to that region. I didn’t hear Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern complain of the lack of support these people received.

I want to help those in need, but that means everyone. So the next time there is a disaster, no matter how big or small, our government should support those who need help.


Viramar Road


‘Half-Jewish’reference wrong

Your recent article about the woman who was treated disrespectfully by Frontier Airlines stated that she was “half-Jewish” (“Sylvania woman sues airline, authorities over strip search,” Jan. 23).

“Jewish” refers to a religion, not an ethnic group. A person can no more be half Jewish than half Christian, half Muslim, half Hindu, or half of any other religion.

The Blade was showing an anti-Jewish bias by mentioning her religion. If a person’s religion has no bearing on the article, leave out that information.


127th Street


Nightclub fires happen too often

An overcrowded nightclub, pyrotechnics on stage, and locked exit doors provide a recipe that’s been repeated many times for tragic loss of young adults (“Fire at nightclub in Brazil kills at least 233, hurts 17: Patrons panic in toxic smoke, find locked exit doors,” Jan. 28).

Can’t sensible people prevent this from happening again?


Sylvania Township