‘Too smart’ too kind to Democrats


You went out of your way in your Jan. 26 editorial “Too smart for Congress” to demonize Republicans who were questioning then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Shouldn’t the purpose of a Senate investigation be to find out what went wrong and report the truth to the public?

You claim that the GOP knocked United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice out of consideration as secretary of State because of bad information she got from the intelligence community and the “fog of war.” Maybe she should have waited for some facts before grandstanding on national television.

Mrs. Clinton accepted responsibility for Benghazi, but what does that mean? Are Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans who were killed any less dead?

You’re complaining that the hearings are political, but is your editorial any less political? Why don’t you quit giving Democrats a free ride every time they screw up?


Oak Harbor, Ohio


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Why take from poor to give to rich?

Discussions of government spending focus on two categories. There are entitlements, which many people want to cut or eliminate. This is money that goes to the poor, the elderly, and people who are in need.

Then there are subsidies, money given to corporations or businesses that nobody seems to want to eliminate.

The issue of entitlements and subsidies seems to be taking from the poor to give to the rich. This is what many members of Congress say they want to do by cutting entitlements.


London Ridge


Recycling bin’s $60 cost rankles

Until recently, I thought Republic Services did an OK job as the City of Toledo’s refuse collector. Then a speeding vehicle hit my recycling and garbage bins.

The recycling bin was damaged beyond use. I called Republic and was told I had to pay $60 if I wanted a replacement. I told Republic to remove the unusable bin and that I would no longer recycle.

City residents were forced into becoming customers of Republic, which is not as customer-friendly as the old collector, when all we needed were trash bags.


Clover Lane

Editor’s note: A City of Toledo spokesman said the refuse and recycling containers are owned by the city, not Republic. If containers are lost, damaged beyond repair, or stolen, residents are to fill out a police report and will be issued new carts for the $60 fee.


Nothing new: Recess important

A recent policy statement in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics confirms what children always knew: Recess is a critically important activity in the school day and should never be denied children for any reason, especially as punishment.

Recess is a health issue that involves the mind and body. Recess is a time when kids can escape the rigid classroom structure, talk, socialize, and breathe fresh air.


Curtice, Ohio