Bell should heed call to open station


Toledo Mayor Mike Bell should tend to the safety of city residents and their property by reopening the police department’s Northwest District Station (“$100,000 sought to reopen police station; Mayor opposes move by councilmen,” Jan. 29).

My family has had three car break-ins recently. Friends in our neighborhood have had their home broken into.

The mayor talks about an increase in the police class, but can’t seem to staff the Northwest station.

Mayor Bell should cut back on his travels and social events, and spend more time with the residents he represents. Election Day is not too far away.


Roanoke Road

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‘Angry’ comment not in right place

The Blade quoted Cleveland attorney Kathryn Williams, speaking at the 14th Annual Black Issues Conference at Bowling Green State University, as stating: “Remember, most of us are only one angry white man away from the unemployment line” (“Blacks have power to change situation, noted attorney says; Speaker at BGSU urges education,” Feb. 3).

I was offended by this racist remark. I think I understand who the angry person really is.

I am open to honest dialogue, but I don’t condone a state-funded university creating a forum to express this type of hate speech.




Can Buffett, Gates insure health?

Your Jan. 7 article on escalating health premiums did not cover the outrageous increase in Part D Medicare prescription drug premiums (“Health premiums soar nationwide; Insurers win double-digit increases despite new federal law”).

The Aetna Rx premium went up 35 percent, with additional increases in co-payments as well.

As they talk about revising the cost-of-living formula, decision makers must realize that the actual cost of living for most older people increases exponentially because of medical expenses. The cost-of-living index for the elderly should have a different calculation from that of the rest of the population.

Health care will never be affordable for a large portion of society as long as insurance companies have shareholders. When health insurers were nonprofit entities, health care was affordable for most people.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if Warren Buffett and Bill Gates could start a nonprofit health insurance group?


Sylvania Township

Editor’s note: The writer is a retired executive director of the Mildred Bayer Clinic for the Homeless in Toledo.


Cartoon wrongly disparages board

I take exception to Kirk Walters’ Feb. 1 editorial cartoon that disparaged members of the Toledo Board of Education. I thank board members for their dedication to our children’s education.


Sylvania Township