Climate issue needs attention


I applaud President Obama for discussing his obligation to address climate change in his State of the Union address (“Obama vows job growth, wants half of troops home,” Feb. 13).

We have an obligation to future generations to take significant action to address climate change by limiting carbon pollution from power plants.

This action would reduce the threat from extreme weather events such as hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires.

The Obama Administration can take meaningful steps to prod big power-plant polluters to stop ignoring the real-world impact of climate change.


Sylvania Township


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Accident victims received kindness

My daughter and I were involved in one of the vehicle accidents on U.S. 23 on Feb. 16 (“Snow squalls trigger batch of crashes on icy roadways; 20 autos, semi collide on U.S. 23 in Michigan,” Feb. 17).

Everything about the accident was terrifying. But we were humbled by, and appreciative of, the kindness and generosity of strangers.

A man forced our car door open and lifted my daughter to safety. A woman gave up her coat to keep my daughter warm. Other people offered towels, blankets, and water.

A nurse offered assistance. Some men talked to us to help keep us calm. A woman told us she was praying for us. I’m sure others helped the other injured people.

I thank God for good people such as these, and pray that each of us can respond so generously if needed.


Monclova Township


Overseas troops can guard borders

In response to your Feb. 3 article “Border security arises as possible roadblock to immigration reform”: We have troops in Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, and Japan. Couldn’t we shift a few of those troops to guard our own borders?


Blissfield, Mich.


Securing borders should be a given

When was securing the nation’s borders open to debate? It should be a given.

When did it become OK for anyone, citizen or noncitizen, to violate federal law?

I am a law-abiding citizen and a good friend to several U.S. citizens who went through the legal immigration process, which took several years.

I am disturbed that our government would consider allowing people who committed a federal crime to be rewarded with citizenship.


Walker Avenue