Drink-drive warnings needed


The family of Brian Hoeflinger, the Ottawa Hills High School senior who died after making the decision to engage in underage drinking and crashed his car, wants to establish a fund in his honor (“Family wants good to come from tragic crash; Hoeflingers seek to establish memorial scholarship,” Feb. 10).

I had a 16-year-old family member killed by a drunken driver. I hope the family uses the fund to promote responsible choices by young adults about alcohol, and to discourage adults from providing alcohol to underage individuals.

I offer my condolences to the Hoeflinger family, and encourage them to post messages next to St. John’s Jesuit and Ottawa Hills high schools at the start of prom and graduation activities that warn about the dangers of drinking and driving.

I am waiting for the investigation and prosecution of those who may have illegally provided young Hoeflinger with the alcohol that contributed to his death.




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Don’t be so quick to criticize coach

The writer of the Feb. 15 Readers’ Forum letter “Drinking, driving wrong all the time” said that St. John’s Jesuit High School officials “should not let the issue go”about boys’ basketball coach Ed Heintschel’s arrest for driving under the influence.

By not accepting Mr. Heintschel’s offer to resign, St. John’s has shown its compassion, understanding, and forgiveness of human weakness. The school is not condoning anything. We all make mistakes and bad choices.

This is an opportunity to take advantage of Mr. Heintschel’s leadership role in his school and community. What better person to talk to young adults about the dangers of drinking and driving?

Knowing Mr. Heintschel, I believe he would do this. It would have a great impact on the young people of our community.




Cut the expenses of government

There is no need to increase the debt ceiling. Just cut the wages of all government employees, from the President and Congress on down (“Obama seeks spending fix to avert March 1 deadline,” Feb. 6).

Lawmakers also should cut off all foreign aid, end the war in Afghanistan, and close all of our military bases overseas.


Hannaford Drive


Driving in proper lane would help

In response to your Feb. 7 article “Rush-hour traffic costs commuters less in 2011; Annual report estimates wasted time, fuel for area”: Maybe there’s another reason for lost time and wasted fuel. Ohio law states that motorists should drive in the right lane unless they are passing.

How many people do you see creating traffic jams because they drive slowly in the left lane?

Either driver-training classes are not instructing people correctly, or motorists care only about themselves.


Lake Township