Congress cares only about itself


Your Feb. 24 editorial “Stop the sequester” seems to be predicated on the false belief that Congress is full of people who have an interest in doing what is right for their constituents.

In reality, they are doing what they think is right for their careers, with the exception of Tea Partiers, who wish to eradicate the federal government.

Most members of Congress are immune to economic fallout because they are well off financially. And most are immune to voters’ wrath because their districts have been gerrymandered. So it is to their advantage to let the sequester happen and see which way the political winds blow.

Then, and only then, would they feel an obligation to make a decision — one that is in their or their party’s best political interest.

If you believe that what is best for the country drives these people to act, then you are either naive or living in the past.




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Security deposit for water all wet

If someone is starting water service, a security deposit is in order (“Council mulls 2 gentler plans on requiring water deposits,” Feb. 13). But charging a deposit to a homeowner who has lived at the same residence for a number of years, such as myself, and has paid the bill regularly is ludicrous.

As far as trying to charge a deposit on an account in which the homeowner doesn’t pay the bill regularly is concerned, if the homeowner doesn’t have the money to pay the bill, how will he or she come up with extra money for a deposit?

Your article said the city has a 98 percent collection rate for its water billing. What is the city going to use that deposit money for?


Douglas Road


Air service east would be a treat

Detroit Metro Airport may be close to Toledo, but American Airlines’ shuttle between Toledo and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport offers more options for a person traveling west and southwest (“Toledo Express of old is long gone,” Readers’ Forum, Feb. 26).

How about points east? The Toledo area is home to many people who relocated here for jobs. Once USAir flew from Toledo to its hub at Pittsburgh International Airport, where you could go almost anywhere in the east and southeast. Wouldn’t it be convenient if the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority could attract an airline that would resume that service?


Burroughs Drive


See, Toledo does have an airport

In response to your Feb. 23 article “Spending cuts could impact travel; Toledo Express on list of airports to feel effect of sequestration,” it is encouraging that someone besides the Ohio Air National Guard remembers that Toledo has an airport.


107th Street