Columnist too soft on Obama


Op-ed columnist Eugene Robinson’s love affair with President Obama and the federal Environmental Protection Agency was exposed in his Feb. 27 column, “Extinguishing coal’s fire.”

Neither Mr. Robinson nor Mr. Obama is concerned about the jobs that will be lost if the EPA and the President curtail fossil-fuel production.

The President should have spent more time thinking about how to manage a budget. His lack of management skills are evident. Mr. Robinson might want to write about that.


Pinestead Drive


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Anti-Catholic columns ripped

It must have been “sock it to the Catholic Church” week recently, judging by the anti-Catholic op-ed columns you published (“Catholic Church, like a business, due for relaunch,” Feb. 20; “As time, politics change, the Catholic moment vanished,” Feb. 23).

You never would have printed similar columns about any other religions, especially Islam. You wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. But then you probably think that Catholics aren’t supposed to have feelings.


105th Street


Obama should tend to business

I do not understand why President Obama traveled to Virginia to talk about the spending cuts (“President rejects GOP budget idea; Republicans want him to choose cuts,” Feb. 27).

No disrespect to the people in Virginia, but they cannot resolve this issue. The President needs to stop campaigning and stay in Washington to tend to business.




Obama needed to stay in D.C.

If President Obama was so worried about the sequester, why didn’t he stay in Washington and work out a revised plan with Congress? The President went to Virginia and before that, to Florida to golf with Tiger Woods.


Monclova Township


Retirement age hike a sham

I will support increasing the retirement age to 70 if employers guarantee employment and benefits until then (“Influential group of CEOs calls for raising retirement age to 70 for Social Security, Medicare,” Jan. 16).

Today, employers place no value on experience. The corporate practice today is to replace experienced employees with part-time or entry-level personnel with no benefits to save money.

Any discussion of raising the retirement age is a sham and should never be considered unless there is guaranteed employment until retirement.