Traffic cams are picking our pockets


Your article about traffic cameras and money was right on (“Traffic cams net nearly $3M in 2012; 68,159 citations issued for red-light, speed violations,” Feb. 24). Toledo’s red-light cameras and speed traps are the reasons I try to avoid going to the city. When I do venture in, I’m looking over my shoulder.

I try to do business in motorist-friendly places such as Maumee, Holland, Springfield Townshp, Waterville, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Bowling Green, and Grand Rapids.

Motorists in Toledo should remember to smile; you are watched while your pocket is picked.


Grand Rapids, Ohio


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School zonemix-up a mess

I was one of those 12,451 drivers in 2012 who were cited for speeding at Alexis Road and Whitmer Drive.

It was Dec. 27. I was traveling at the posted speed limit. The yellow 20-mph school-zone lights were flashing, but there was no school that day because of winter break.

I received a citation on Jan. 4 from the Toledo Police Department Photo Enforcement Program stating that I had been speeding. I mailed the payment of my $120 fine on Jan. 11.

On Jan. 22, I received a letter stating the citation had been issued in error and that it had been dismissed. I called Redflex Traffic Systems, which maintains the cameras, and asked whether I would receive a reimbursement check. I was told I would. As of late this week, I have yet to receive the reimbursement.

Why doesn’t the police department tell Redflex to ignore the yellow 20 mph lights when there is no school? It would save a lot of hassle for everyone.


West Rowland Road


Chief needs to do one or the other

Another senior official in the area is double-dipping at the public trough (“Chief’s badge is off one day, back on next; Retirement plan limits Diggs’ service; mayor will rehire him,” March 1). Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs needs either to retire or to serve. Two checks for the same job are another example of a system gone wrong.

And Toledo officials wonder why we residents don’t want additional taxes.


Darrel Road


Diggs should let someone else lead

Chief Diggs is retiring and will collect a well-deserved pension. His great leadership must have taught many other officers the skills to lead. It’s discriminatory not to give some of those he led a chance for promotion, isn’t it?


Kenmore Avenue