Bus station plan could kill theater


Although I am not a resident of Toledo, I oppose the proposal by the city and the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority to acquire the parking lot across from the Valentine Theatre and build what appears to be a luxury bus terminal (“TARTA, city pose bus station with rest rooms to replace ‘loop’; Valentine Theatre manager fears loss of parking lot,” Feb. 25).

As a subscriber to the Toledo Opera since it moved its performances to the Valentine, I have parked in the lot across the street for convenience and safety. I refuse to park in any of the nearby parking garages for personal security reasons.

I fear a luxury TARTA terminal would attract more homeless people and drug addicts who want a warm place with rest rooms than it would attract riders.

If this proposal becomes a reality, TARTA and the City of Toledo may drive performances at the Valentine to other venues, possibly outside the city limits. This would lower tax revenue at a time when Toledo and TARTA can’t afford that.

Building this bus station would be a bad move.


Perrysburg Township


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Forget bus plan, keep the theater

The Valentine Theatre is a crown jewel. I went to several shows there, and the seats and surface parking lot were filled. Why destroy convenient parking and endanger this treasure with the city’s and TARTA’s dismissiveness?

Your article said the Valentine’s parking issue is the only objection that has arisen so far to the project. To those who go to the Valentine, that is a major concern.

The proposed bus area is no better than what is there now, just more green space and curves. The present setup on Jackson Street is fine for a bus stop. If officials want something better, they should plant a tree.

Are people not interested in supporting the Valentine? Are people prepared to lose it?


Perrysburg Township


Promenade Park docks need update

I commend Toledo Mayor Mike Bell for his vision for Promenade Park (“Mayor releases plan to add pizzazz to Promenade Park,” Feb. 28). However, Mr. Bell did not mention restoring the docks, which were in high demand.

As a former boater, I think the city charged outlandish fees for just a few hours of docking. This scared most boaters away.

Rejuvenated docks could be a revenue-neutral way to increase attendance at downtown events.


South Watercrest Drive


‘Green’ reminder a puzzlement

The City of Toledo sent me a mailing to say that because it had implemented a “green” tax program, it was not going to send me a 1099 tax form for 2012. City officials should have just sent me a 1099 instead.


305th Street

Editor’s note: A city spokesman said: “The city sent postcard reminders of tax compliance, requiring less paper and less postage expense than the traditional 1099 package. The cards direct taxpayers online to create an account. We will send reminders via email in future years.”