Why a story on a Detroit restaurant?


Your March 10 article “A touch of class in Detroit; London Chop House evokes city’s glory days” is an example of your lack of support of local restaurants.

Why would a story about a non-Toledo restaurant warrant front-page, above-the-fold space? Why would you encourage readers to travel 60 miles north and spend their money to support a non-Toledo restaurant?

You acknowledged Toledo’s Registry Bistro and the Mancy family’s restaurants. The Toledo area has a strong selection of fine dining. Let’s eat locally.


West Laskey Road


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Mancy-Packo link unfair in article

Your article that was complimentary about the success of the Mancy family included a comparison to the Packo family (“3rd generation of Mancys runs its 4 local restaurants; The secret: Unlike Packos, ‘We get along,’” March 10). Why?

Can’t we read about a successful business of hard workers in our city without your attacking someone else?

We hear a lot about what’s wrong with Toledo. A business such as the Mancy family’s is what’s right about Toledo. If the Packo family doesn’t get along as well as the Mancys do, so what?

Try to celebrate the good in our town.


Sherbrooke Road


Islamic Center, Pope news good

My church has selected a new Pope. The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo’s prayer room reopened after arson damage was repaired (“Islamic Center holds prayers in redone area; Room where fire was started is opened for Friday services,” March 16).

All that is great news for our multifaith, generous community.




Religion divides, controls, deludes

In response to your March 16 article “Setting the record straight; CedarCreek Church’s pastor addresses ‘vicious rumor’”: Religion does three things effectively — divide people, control people, and delude people. That’s why I enjoy being a free thinker.


Bishopsgate Drive


Devoting section to religion is good

Kudos to The Blade for the new format for its religion section. Enough of technology and games, which previously were featured on Saturdays. The world is in such a mess that it needs to concentrate on spirituality.


Perrysburg Township