Justice system has failed


The legal system failed Kaitlin Gerber (“Parents say system let victim down; She told mom authorities ‘weren’t going to help’,” March 27). She did everything that she was supposed to do, and yet the system failed to get her the protection she needed.

The courts and law enforcement authorities need to take matters of domestic abuse and protection more seriously and aggressively prosecute these cases.

People need to be careful about with whom they get involved and leave at the first sign of abusive behavior.

It is too bad if the only way to protect yourself in these situations is to legally get a firearm and learn how to use it.


North Wheeling Street


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Shame on those involved with case

Shame on our judges, shame on the prosecutors, shame on the legal system.

This poor innocent girl had to pay with her life for a lack of law enforcement.

Her stalker was in jail and breaking the law that put him there, and then he’s let out.

I hope those in the legal system who were involved can sleep at night. May she rest in peace.


Northville Drive


If victim had gun, would she be here?

A law or piece of paper such as a restraining order doesn’t stop a criminal with a weapon.

Miss Gerber’s father was reported as saying the justice system let his daughter down. The best course of action would have been for him or his daughter to buy a firearm and acquire a concealed weapons permit.

Had she been armed, she likely would be alive today.


Middlesex Drive


Former Catholics not fallen or strayed

To refer to former church members as “fallen-away Catholics” is an insult to the intelligence of those who have come to view the church as antiquated and hypocritical (“Fallen-away Catholics beckoned; U.S. cardinals in Rome draw parallel in Scripture to prodigal son,” March 11).

Your article also quotes a cardinal saying the church should welcome “those who have strayed.”

Those who have left the church have neither fallen away or strayed. Such terms have negative connotations. There should be no guilt for those who choose to make decisions based on reason and reality.


Queenswood Boulevard