Raising speed limit a bad idea


It was surprising to read that “two sheriffs and an Ohio Highway Patrol commander say raising the speed limit five miles per hour on Ohio rural interstate highways — to 70 mph — won’t cause new problems with enforcement” (“Higher highway speeds seen creating few problems; Interstate system was designed for 70 mph,” March 22).

Raising the speed limit will make highway travel more dangerous. It will be more difficult for drivers to slow or stop their vehicles for emergency conditions. Highway accidents will increase in number and severity.

Raising the speed limit also will increase the consumption of gasoline, because engines are increasingly inefficient at higher speeds.

The costs of higher speeds will be a disproportionately greater amount of gasoline used as well as more accidents.


Bowling Green


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Close overseas bases to cut deficit

The nation has a large deficit. When lawmakers talk about cutting the budget to reduce that deficit, usually the first thing they suggest is reducing Social Security and Medicare. Those are two programs that many Americans need.

We still have military bases overseas, including several in Germany and Japan from World War II. That war has been over for almost 70 years. How much of our money goes to those bases?

We also have embassies all over the world. Although some may be necessary, I’m sure we could save millions of dollars by closing a few unnecessary ones.


Weston, Ohio


‘Taliban’ mentality sadly taking hold

There is a growing Taliban mentality across our country. I mean those attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors that insist: My position on important issues is right, and those who don’t agree are wrong and are my enemy.

That mentality can be seen in news reports, in blogs, and on Facebook. Parties, politicians, and pundits of all stripes pontificate with absolute certainty and demonize those who dare to debate.

Our homegrown Taliban mentality is born of attitudes that ignore research, science, and critical thought. The result is a culture of nastiness.

Is this what we want? When have nastiness, anger, hatred, and violence improved our quality of life?




Why sell fire truck for only $1?

The City of Toledo wants to sell a surplus fire engine to the Penta Career Center for $1. Last year, the city sold its former fleet and facilities building to a company for $1.

The truck should be sold for more money to a smaller city. Doesn’t anybody in city government have business experience?


Talmadge Road